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Special shaped bricks

Special Shaped bricks are made to match or compliment standard brickwork, in a lot of cases they will not be the exact colour / texture of the standard brick type they are made in. When you are looking to use special shaped bricks there are some manufacturing constraints which should be considered as they may affect the finish of any special.

Angle & Cant Bricks

Code: AN

Bricks to turn brickwork through angles on plan

Vertical and horizontally chamfered bricks for door and window openings

Chamfered bricks for capping walls or forming cills

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Arch Bricks

Code: AR

Double Tapered bricks to form arched openings

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Bonding Bricks

Code: BD

Bricks to help maintain bond

Bricks to stop brickwork runs

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Bullnose Bricks

Code: BN

Specials to form vertical and horizontal curves in brickwork for doors and windows

Curved projecting brickwork

Curved bricks for cappings or to form cills

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Capping & Coping Bricks

Code: CP

Bricks to form flush or overhanging finish to freestanding or parapet walls

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Plinth Bricks

Code: PL

Bricks splayed to help change the depth of brickwork

Special bricks to form cills and window or door surrounds

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Radial Bricks

Code: RD

Bricks to form curved brickwork

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Soldier Bricks

Code: SD

Bricks to stop or return brickwork soldier courses

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